Technology Awards

The deadline for Chapter level ASHRAE Technology Awards is fast approaching.  ASHRAE Technology Awards recognize outstanding achievements by members who have successfully applied innovative building design in the areas of occupant comfort, indoor air quality and energy conservation.

Awards are presented in six categories for new and existing facilities and are judged on the merits of Energy Efficiency, IAQ and Thermal Comfort, Innovation, Operation and Maintenance, Cost Effectiveness, Environmental Impact and Quality of Presentation.

Chapter level award applications require only a one page application, a schematic and a short narrative.

First place winners in each of the six categories at the chapter level will be submitted for judging in the regional awards competition.

The following link includes additional details about the awards program: 

Please consider representing the Rochester Chapter of ASHRAE by submitting your project to the chapter for consideration before April 1, 2017

Email with any questions, to receive an application form, for a sample application or any other concerns.



Exceptional Service Award

Recognizes members who have served the Society faithfully and with exemplary effort, in excess of that required for the Distinguished Service Award.

50 Year Member

Recognizes members who have been active in ASHRAE for 50 years.


Presented to members who have attained distinction in the fields of HVAC&R or the allied arts and sciences through teaching, research, invention, design and/or supervision of projects of unusual or important scope.

Lincoln Bouillon Award

Award presented to a member who has done the most outstanding work to increase the membership of the society.

Distinguished Service Award

Award presented to members who have served faithfully and with distinction on committees or otherwise given freely of their time and talent on behalf of the society.


Award presented to a member who has performed outstanding service to his/her community and has thus helped improve the public image of the engineer.

Dan Mills Technical Award

This award was created by the society board of directors in 1998 to honor the memory of Dan Mills of the ASHRAE Memphis Tennessee Chapter who demonstrated outstanding chapter communication in the area of government activities and contacts.  It’s purpose is to stimulate participation by ASHRAE Chapter TEGA Chairs in connection with issues related to the society.


Rochester Chapter Member of the Year Awards

Presented to the individual of the Rochester Chapter for outstanding contribution of service on behalf of the chapter.  Recognition is made for service to the community through education, technical achievement and support of society goals.

Regional Award of Merit

Recognizes extensive activities and contributions of members of ASHRAE at the chapter level.

Chapter Service Award

Recognizes extensive activities and contributions of members of ASHRAE at the regional level.

ASHRAE Technology Award

Recognizes, on an international scale, successful applications of innovative design which incorporate ASHRAE standards for effective energy management, indoor air quality, and mechanical design management technology.

Government Affairs Award

Recognizes and individual who demonstrates outstanding efforts at the state, provincial, and local government level on technical issues important to ASHRAE.

Rochester Engineer of the Year

Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Award

Realto P. Cherne Award