R.C. Frischmann Inc.

Application Engineers & Industrial Equipment Sales Representatives

R.C. Frischmann Inc.  Telephone: 585-325-4020
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Rochester, New York 14610 E-mail: rcfrisch@frontiernet.net

Web Site:  www.rcfrischmanninc.com

Representing leading equipment manufacturers in the Industrial Air Handling, Filtration and Heat Transfer markets. We currently represent the following companies:

Aerovent/Twin City:  Leading manufacturer of a wide variety of fans and roof ventilators.

American Air Filter:  American Air Filter International is the world’s largest manufacturer of air filtration products and systems.  Products include commercial, industrial and cleanroom filters, and industrial air pollution control products and systems.

American Warming & Ventilating:  Industry leader in the design and manufacture of commercial, industrial and heavy duty dampers and air diffusion products.

Buffalo Pumps:  Manufactures high quality centrifugal pumps, including their unique CAN-O-MATIC hermetically designed units.

Cincinnati Fan:  Specializes in manufacturing fans less than 100 HP, which include a variety of blowers and exhausters. Adapts well to OEM requirements. A quick-ship program is available for standard product.

Clear Water Enviro Technologies:  The green alternative to water softeners for commercial or residential use.

Coilmaster:  Manufactures of plate fin heating and cooling coils for service with water, steam and direct expansion mediums. Available with copper tube, aluminum or copper fin construction, non-ferrous header, galvanized or stainless steel casing; oversized heights and widths; will match existing sizes for replacement coils.

Fan Equipment Company:  Manufactures a wide range of industrial fans. Strong capabilities in special alloys and high temperature requirements.

Howden/Buffalo:  Manufactures a very broad range of axial, centrifugal, and propeller fans from fractional HP ventilating type to 15,000 HP mechanical draft designs.

LM Air:  Cleanroom and Lab equipment manufacturer (ISO9001).  Designs and manufactures fume hoods, laminar flow workstations, air showers, hardwall/softwall environments, filter modules and wet process stations.

Mader Dampers:  Heavy duty, quality dampers for industrial process and power industry applications.

Metal Logix Design & Fabrication:  Fabricates high quality, high performance, custom designed air handlers, exhaust handlers, cleanroom units, food industry units, and industrial process units.  Specialized units for specific purposes.

Moffitt Corporation Inc: Manufacturer of industrial HVAC equipment including wall and roof ventilators, wall louvers and dampers, intake and exhaust fans, and make-up air units.  Moffitt will also do Design/Build projects.

New Philadelphia Fan Company/Joy/Buffalo:  The leading manufacturer of Howden/Joy axial fans that perform in the commercial building, industrial, mining, Navy/maritime, tunnel ventilation  and wind tunnel markets.

Spencer Turbine Company:  A manufacturer of air and gas handling equipment used extensively for industrial, commercial, municipal, utility, and government applications. Systems include standard products plus customized designs for handling corrosive and toxic gases and abrasive materials.

Viron Control:Quality manufacturer of corrosion resistant fiberglass and PVC fans, scrubbers, ductwork  and accessories.

Winkler Mechanical Inc:  Specialized HVAC products including blast gate dampers, ball joints, fittings and flexible ducting.